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We showcased our manifesto for a better world focusing on peace: challenging new ideas, proven case studies and even those proposals that can frighten governments but which should really spur them to action!




DR Congo: Ex-Combatants Starting New Lives

Killer Micro Drones: Warning

Camden's Choice



MANAGER: David Wardrop


David Wardrop is Chair of the Westminster United Nations Association and has organised conferences and led initiatives on many UN linked issues.

CHAIR: Selim Mezhoud


Salem Mezhoud has extensive experience working with the UN in Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs and Post Conflict Reconstruction, especially in North Africa and the Mediterranean. He has worked for the EU in counter-terrorism and counter-Organised Crime in the Sahel, covering Trafficking and Slavery. He is an Executive Committee member of the Westminster United Nations Association



Isabella is Chair of the Westminster UNA Young Professionals. She works in the Financial Services, FMCG, Media and NGO sectors in Europe, the US, and Asia. She joined Westminster UNA’s Study Tours to the UN in Vienna (2016) and New York (2017) and attended the 14th session of UNCTAD in Nairobi.


Zahed Amanullah


Zahed Amanullah is Resident Senior Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue where he leads on its civil society engagement, communications, and partnerships, coordinating the public and private sectors with activists, frontline workers, and relevant civil society networks to counter disinformation, hate speech, extremist propaganda and recruitment.

Ian Martin


Ian Martin was Secretary-General of Amnesty International, later working at the Carnegie Foundation. He has filled many roles for the United Nations, serving in Haiti, Rwanda, Bosnia, East Timor and finally as Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya. From 2015 to 2018, he was Executive Director of the authoritative Security Council Report.

Alan Doss

Alan Doss has served the United Nations for most of his working life, starting in Africa and Asia. He worked on the UN MDGs and later in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and as SRSG to the D.R.C. and Head of the UN peace keeping mission there. He joined the Kofi Annan Foundation as Senior Political Advisor, later appointed Executive Director and now serves as its first President.

David Adams


David Adams is an American peace activist, scientist, scholar, writer and journalist. Concerned about mass media claims of a biological basis for war, he worked with the International Society for Research on Aggression to initiate a process leading to the Seville Statement on Violence which showed scientifically that war is not biologically determined and, to quote Margaret Mead "the same species that invented war is capable of inventing peace." Later, he served at UNESCO, where he worked on the Culture of Peace initiative that eventually led to the International Year for the Culture of Peace.

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