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from the WHAT NEXT FOR THE UN? Building a More Secure World festival
As individuals, we should
  1. Share solutions to problems with our local communities (such as Zimbabwe friendship benches to address depression) and voice our priorities to decision-makers;

  2. Know our (and others’) human rights - such as for healthcare - and how to lobby for them with decision makers;

  3. Join local, national or global movements to help fight injustices (such as in the food system);

  4. Remember the potentially powerful role of Creativity in learning about needs and creating change;

  5. Decide what it is important to us to demand (such as a framework for digital regulation) and join with others to achieve it, holding the powerful to account;

  6. Whenever involved in negotiations, seek to ensure clear understanding of each other’s positions;

  7. Lobby our representatives (like MPs and Ministers) to commit to ambitious international actions (such as: supporting Countdown to Midnight to ensure more ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions ahead of the Glasgow Climate COP in 2021; and engaging in the implementation of frameworks such as GDPR in the EU that will protect users);

  8. Support ethical and sustainable practice by businesses (such as boycotting fast fashion);

  9. Learn to cook with plant-based whole foods, utilise food ‘waste’, and eat seasonally;

  10. Adopt Personal Carbon Budgets – whereby we each individually ration our carbon emissions;

  11. Support and Invest in local businesses.

24th October, 2020

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