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SATURDAY 24 OCTOBER (UN DAY)  | 19:00 - 22:00 (BST)

Inspired by the PAST     |     Acknowledging the PRESENT     |     Creating the FUTURE

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19.00 - PRELUDE: Journey of a Dream

Created by New York-based theatre company Visual Echo, involving children from every continent.

19.15 - UN PAST


Starting San Francisco where the UN was born, we pay tribute to some of the heroes, heroines and peace-makers who have shaped the UN’s Past 75 years. Each tribute is linked by songs performed in different languages and styles by artists from around the world.


 20:20  - UN PRESENT

A couple of soldiers reflect on the UN’s current challenges raised in our Festival’s workshops and the lessons learned about how to solve them.


20:40 - UN FUTURE


An intergenerational dialogue between youth and elders, drawing on ideas and initiatives raised in the UN’s own Global ConversationPeace Child Intl’s conferences and musicals, and UNA-UK’s Stepping Stones Report on how to achieve the Future we want and the UN we need.



The Peace Child / UNA LASER Organising team.

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